About Us

Mithra Broadcasting Private Limited, is a dream of a group of veterans of the Media Industry, who have worked very hard to bring up business ventures for the investors. It has always been a dream to setup a venture for ourselves by using the expertise gained in making business ventures successful for other investors.

The main promoter of Mithra Broadcasting Anoop Bhatia has been working in the Television Media ever since its privatisation. Successfully starting from System Integration for Teleports, DSNG vans etc. to diversifying into the Broadcast Services Industry by setting up multiple teleports for service provisioning in major Media Hubs in India. It is this experience of more than 20 years, where the thought process was always to care about the customers that is being brought into this company Mithra Broadcasting.

The name itself carries the objective of the company in being a friend of the broadcasters to provide a helping hand to make their businesses grow seamlessly. The area of activity includes all aspects of setting up and running of television channels.

It is further an objective of Mithra Broadcasting to bring India into the Global Network for Video connectivity in conjunction with the Industry leaders. In the present times nothing works in isolation and everyone is affected by what is happening in other countries. With Indian diaspora spread across the globe, it would not be surprising to have the Indian News channels bringing the news from other countries with Studios there. 

It is therefore the objective to bring innovation into our systems to bring out the best that we can do.